In the 19 Episodes of Is Print Dead? we explored the value proposition
associated with print and print-alternatives. Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine have been having this conversation for years, and together found thought leaders who could address the value of print in the communication processes, and the value of e-delivery in its many forms.

We asked “Is Print Dead?”

And you helped us to answer the question. Print is not dead, but it is changing. For some types of communications, print has run its course as the primary medium. But other forms of print are growing and expanding. Thank you for all of your engagement. Please listen to the entire set of podcasts and let your friends know about them. And, please consider subscribing to Kevin’s Everyday MBA podcast for more insights, as well as his AIIM On Air podcast.

Pat has other podcasts in the works, so watch her social media channels for announcements! We want to thank our sponsors and supporters for this brilliant adventure! Keep an eye on the @Print!Change Twitter handle for more and to keep up the conversation around the theme of this podcast - Is Print Dead?


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