Sponsorships - Be part of the conversation!

Let's face it, people simply don't read whitepapers and attend webinars like they use to, but the flexibility of a podcast opens a vast array of listening opportunities. People listen to podcasts at home, at the gym, in the car and on the go! Work with Pat and Kevin to define your story and let us help you raise your voice in the complex market where print and web and mobile are vying for attention!

Your sponsorship covers voice over and production. Send us your script or let us help you craft it.

Full Episode Sponsorship

Full episode sponsorship comes with an opening promotional mention and two mid-cast commercial breaks to promote your products, events, web pages and apps.

Prices start at $999 per episode, with package discounts available.

Commercial Package

Looking for a consistent message? Work with Kevin and Pat to craft a 10-15 second spot for your product, website or event.

Prices start at $300 per episode with a 6 episode minimum.

Single Commercial

Looking for something more flexible? Work with Kevin and Pat to craft a 10-15 second pointer to your website or event. 

Prices start at $375 per episode.

Executive SME Interview

"Four Questions with Kevin" is your opportunity to be a guest on the show or have your subject matter expert talk openly about your product, service or strategy. In this 10 minute interview Kevin will ask why your approach is important, how it works, what the results are, and what your recommendations are for our listeners.

Wondering how this works? Listen to this episode featuring Ragni Mehta from Xerox: 


Price $750 per episode.

Payment Terms

We accept Paypal and major credit cards. Contact us about payment by check. Payment is due in advance of production.

Contact pcm@mcgrewgroup.com for more information.

Kevin Craine is one of the best interviewers out there today!” If he calls for you to do his show— knock someone over to be the first on air!
— Jeffery Hayzlett, former Kodak CMO, Primetime TV and Radio Host